hangs a shadow

some kind words re: ‘hangs a shadow’ here: http://existest.org/ee_v3/?p=8286

this cassette is still available via nna tapes


Grandpa Ruppert Sings I’ll Be Loving You Always

Interview + mix for Alarm

an interview and mix I did for Alarm is up here: 


english version here: 


Echo’s Answer

Mehran, an old friend of mine, is the host of the radio show Echo’s Answer. The show from August 23rd featured an unreleased track coming out soon via the postcard series on Folktale Records. You can stream the show here: http://www.xray.fm/broadcasts/view/3102

you can download this unreleased former ghosts track from soundcloud

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"I had taken my manuscript out of my traveling bag and I’d seen at once that everything in my manuscript was all wrong, that I’d not only described some things badly, but that I’d described everything all wrong, because the opposite is true, so Roithamer. Yet I suddenly again felt like changing what I had done in years of hard effort into something else, suddenly on the train I was once more in the same state in which I’ve always been when I believed I was finished with something, at such a moment I know it’s all the other way round, and I’m willing to do it over the other way round. Little by little a new manuscript would be the result, as it is now again, an entirely different, new manuscript resulting from the destruction of the old one, but best of all was not to let a new one come into being, to stop making positive corrections, best to destroy it altogether, so Roithamer. When I make corrections, I destroy, when I destroy, I annihilate, so Roithamer. What I used to consider an improvement, formerly, is after all nothing but deterioration, destruction, annihilation. Every correction is destruction, annihilation, so Roithamer."

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I just purchased a subscription to the WWE Network so my free time is over. 

So in the meantime, watch my brother and I beat each other up in backyard wrestling via this Xiu Xiu video? 

Anonymous said: I just wanted to say, you and your art mean a lot to me. You told me once that things will sort themselves out and they did. I'm learning to see the good in life, like you told me to. Even when I'm depressed or suicidal, I come back to the letters I sent you and your answers and they give me so much hope and strength now. I don't know where I would've been if not for you, Freddy. Thank you.

It is really hard for me to respond to things like this, so please, please, just know I am happy to hear that you are finding your reasons for living. 


some upcoming things:

-I have a new short fiction appearing in an upcoming issue of print magazine Caketrain

-a Former Ghosts / Funeral Advantage split 7” is in the works

-currently working on a side project currently titled Krait

-a solo show w/ Xiu Xiu in Prague on Oct. 31st @ Podnik 

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Anonymous said: hi. i just wanted to express my affection for you as an artist, and my happiness that you've found (some?) happiness as a human being. please never be embarrassed for the creations you've birthed into this world, whatever the manifestation, or worry over their perceived or actual quality. thank you for sharing your human experience with us--i know i'm always anxious to listen, even if you feel you're sharing and shouting into an apathetic abyss. i hope all is well; take care freddy #javafanclub

I didn’t want to post this as it felt personal in nature, but as it was anonymous I had no other way to reply. 

So, in short, thank you, it is appreciated.