and that poem turns out so good
you’re almost glad the little dog
was run over, or else you’d never
have written that good poem.

f. ruppert - synths, programming, beats, mangling, vocals
j. stewart - synths, mangling

recorded March 2014

"all my mothers must have died in all my past lives

actually no family hand downs

i hate my gender and all my past selves.” 

"rank my family hand downs 
from most likely to pass on and do me in
foreign tics of muscle and bone
these are my anxieties 
from most likely to gain debts
deliver us to cancerous history
all cards are there
i know, i know
i know what i’m born into
promise you won’t leave
my life in periods of which bars i frequent
of weak arguments
promise you won’t leave
my life in periods of which pure dog breeds i favor over fated spawn.”

Cafe v Lese photos

Jan Dobry has some photos and a small write up of the recent gig at Cafe v Lese here:



Dove Hounds is out now as an ultra limited edition cassette via Folktale Records, limited to 100 copies, pro-dubbed, w/ letterpress covers. 

Get a copy from 



I am excited to announce that I will have a short fiction piece in an upcoming issue of Caketrain. More info on that later. 




309 plays

Former Ghosts - “New Love” live at the Complex, Los Angeles, Jan 30th 2014. 

Angela on drones. Jamie on guitar. 

Recorded by Brian Albers. 

Set List from the Complex and the Smell


1. New Love

2. Winter’s Year

3. Home From The Wars

4. Chin Up

5. Dreams

6. To Hell With This Whole Damn City

7. New Orleans

8. An Intolerable Reign 

an intolerable reign - live from the complex